Managing Your Drafts Manual

Many times during your social media campaign you may have a post that while it seems like it may ready, it is still in need of some tweaking . Luckily for you the social media poster lets you save these future posts as drafts. In the drafts section you will see only those posts that are drafts.

Managing Your Drafts image 1

Creating New Drafts

When creating a new draft you will be able to set up a notification time to remind you that your post is still a draft. You can set this notification for any time to align it with any other related posts you’re planning. This can help you save time when creating specific campaigns as it allows you to create several posts at once and only posts the ones that end up being essential.

Managing Your Drafts image 2

Sorting Drafts

In the drafts tab you can sort your drafted posts by those that have a date and time notification set and those that do not. Whenever you draft up a new post they will automatically be sorted into two separate tabs depending on the aforementioned stipulations. You can choose to view all of your drafts at once, just the drafts that have times set, or the drafts without times.

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