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How to Find Keyword Gaps in Your Market

How to Find Keyword Gaps in Your Market Workflow

Need to assess your website’s place in the market and find content gaps to target with SEO? Follow this workflow to pinpoint exactly which keywords your competitors get traffic from that you may be missing.

  1. From the dashboard, go to Domain Analytics - Organic Research - Competitors report and enter your domain. This list will tell you your website’s top competitors on organic search results.
  2. Open a new tab so you can save your list of competitors
  3. In the new tab, go to the Keyword Gap tool and enter your domain alongside your top competitors
  4. Compare “Common keywords”
  5. Use Advanced Filters to look for keywords that your competitors rank on the first page (Competitor domain’s position less than 11 filter) but your domain does not (Your domain’s position greater than 10 filter)
  6. Add filters containing keywords relevant to your niche product or service (Example: shoes)
  7. Continue to sort and filter your table to find your target keywords
  8. Export desired keywords with the Export Manager
  9. Bonus step: query your target keywords into the Keyword Magic Tool, use the Related Keywords report and filter this report for Keyword Difficulty below 65. This shows you the most attainable related keywords to target with your marketing efforts

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