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How to Import Your Google Ads Campaign to SEMrush
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How to Import Your Google Ads Campaign to SEMrush


If you are already running campaigns on Google Ads to advertise on the search engine, you may want to use SEMrush tools to optimize and improve your strategy. Here’s how you export your campaigns from Google Ads and AdWords Editor and upload them into SEMrush so you can start making changes.

Exporting campaigns from Google Ads and AdWords Editor

First, in your Google Ads account go to the “Campaigns” section and click the “Download” button. In the drop-down menu you can choose a format to download the file: Excel .csv, .csv, .tsv, .pdf, .xlsx, and .xml.

Google Ads: Export

To export keywords from Google Ads, just go to the “Keywords” tab and hit “Download”.

If you use AdWords Editor to manage your Google Ads campaigns, you can export them directly from the Editor app. The downloadable app provides you with various options on the data that can be exported from your account.

Go to the Account menu to open the “Account manager” window. Since the Editor allows you to manage multiple accounts, here you can select one or more accounts to export into a single file. Click “Export” and select CSV files (*.csv) as the file type. Information from your account will be saved as a .csv file that you can view and edit in any spreadsheet editor. If you want to export an account that contains images, select CSV files with images in ZIP archives (*.zip) option. Your .csv file will be packed into a ZIP file with any images you might have in your account.

AdWords Editor: ExportWith the export function, you can easily share your account data with those who don’t use AdWords Editor. You can export your entire account, a single campaign or ad group, or several campaigns and ad groups that you select.

Uploading data to SEMrush tools

SEMrush allows you to upload files from your device to the PPC Keyword Tool and Ad Builder so that you can make improvements to your existing advertising campaign.

PPC Keyword Tool

When you create a PPC Keyword Tool campaign, you have three options for adding keywords to the campaign:

  • From a file
  • Manually (typing one keyword at a time)
  • Importing from SEMrush Domain and Keyword Analytics

To import your file to the tool, choose a preferred format and then upload it by browsing the file on your device or using the drag-and-drop function. PPC Keyword Tool supports the following file formats: .txt, .csv, and .xlsx.


Uploading File to PPC Keyword Tool

There are several requirements to each format of file that you’re going to upload:

  • If you import keywords from a .txt file, make sure to place one keyword per line.
  • When uploading a .csv or .xlsx file, you need your spreadsheet to be formatted with columns for a keyword, campaign, and ad group.

For more information on how to upload a file to the PPC Keyword tool and requirements to its format, read the article “How do I format a file to upload to the PPC Keyword Tool?

Ad Builder

In Ad Builder you can research your advertising competitors, see how they structure their ads, and use these insights to create your own ads.

Once you’ve collected ideas for your ad copy, you’ll be ready to start building your ads. You can use your competitor’s ads as a template, create from scratch, or upload a .csv or .xlsx file with your campaign’s ads.

To upload your campaign’s ads to this tool, hit the “New Ad” button and then select *.CSV or *.XLSX file from the drop-down menu. In the pop-out window, click “browse” to find the needed file on your computer or drag and drop it into the Ad Builder. Make sure that you have all columns with all mandatory attributes: Campaign, Ad Group, Headline 1, Final URL, and Description.


Uploading File to Ad Builder

Ad Extensions

With Ad Builder you can also create ad extensions to increase visibility of your ads with additional pieces of information about your business. Currently, the tool allows you to build four types of extensions: sitelink, callout, structured snippet and call.

Similar to your customized ads, you can import your ad extensions to Ad Builder. Go to the “Extensions” tab, hit “New extension”, select “Import from file”, and then upload your file by browsing or dragging and dropping it.

Uploading Extensions to Ad Builder

Once you’ve uploaded your files, you can start making edits to your ad campaign right in the SEMrush interface.  

After you've finished making your updates, export your campaign's keyword list from the PPC Keyword Tool and Import the list to Google Ads.