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Benchmarking and Comparing Multiple Websites Manual

Traffic Analytics offers a number of great ways to benchmark the traffic statistics of multiple website side by side. To compare multiple websites, simply enter the domain names into the search boxes at the top of the Overview report and click Compare.
add-competition-to-benchmarkBelow you will see a comparison chart of the chosen domains and estimates of their visits, visitors, visit duration, bounce rate, etc. Each website will have a designated color representing them in the reports. The line graph will plot a colored line for each website and can also be adjusted to visualize unique visitors, average visit duration, and bounce rate.

Below the line graph, you’ll see the Audience Overlap, Traffic Sources, and Geographic Distribution widgets estimating each website’s monthly traffic from each source.

Audience Comparision

The Audience Overlap widget allows you to compare the audiences of the chosen websites. With this report, you can understand:

  • How your competitors’ audiences overlap with yours
  • The size of the gap in the relevant audience that you have not reached yet
  • How the audience of your potential comarketing partner or business partner matches with yours
  • How many people visit both chosen websites (e.g. media)
  • How the audience of the media where you want to advertise or publish matches with yours
  • How to compare the size and intersection of the competitors in the niche or market

When you enter websites to compare on the top of the Traffic Overview report, the Audience Overlap chart will appear below, in the middle of the Traffic Overview report page. Here you can see the audience overlap for the above-listed websites for the chosen period. You can specify the period (month and year) in the top menu as well as switch between desktop, mobile, and all devices traffic.

The Audience Overlap allows you to compare audiences one-on-one. First, choose the comparison base by clicking on one of the tabs with website domains and you will see Venn diagrams comparing the chosen website to each of the other 4 websites.  
audience-overlap-semrushTo change the comparison base and compare all websites against another website just switch to the relevant tab. The colors are the same as in the table graph and line graph.

Below each Venn diagram there is the percent of the website’s audience that also visits the second website and the estimated number of visitors. (1.2 M visitors is the estimate shared between and in the GIF above).

Traffic Sources Comparison

Next, the widget compares the amount of traffic received by each website from each of the 5 Traffic Sources. Websites will be indicated by their assigned color and can be hidden from this comparison with the checkboxes beside their name.  This comparison makes it easy to see how the chosen websites have different strengths and weaknesses in different channels.

You can change the analyzed month and year by applying the Historical Data filter on the top of the Overview report.

Comparison by Countries

Finally, in the Traffic by Countries widget you will see the top 5 countries that send traffic to the main chosen website (in the example, and how much traffic other websites in the comparison are estimated to receive from these countries as well. This can show you which websites are more popular in various regional markets and where competitors are outperforming each other. Notice the rivalry between and, for example. Here you can apply the Historical Data filters as well.