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How to Upload Your Ads from Ad Builder into Google Ads

How to Upload Your Ads from Ad Builder into Google Ads Workflow

So, you’ve used Ad Builder to make some awesome ads for a campaign. Now what? After developing your ads in SEMrush’s Ad Builder Tool, you then need to import these files into Google Ads Editor.

1. To start this process, download the file of ads from Ad Builder tool here:

2. After downloading, you will get a file named “”. Once this file finishes downloading, simply unzip the file to find the following files: “ads.csv”, “extensions.csv”, “keywords.csv”. Each one of these files contain different items in the ads you will be importing.

At this point we are not ready to upload the ads to the Google Ads editor. We still need to edit the file with the appropriate parameters. Open the folder and you should see the following:

3. Now it’s time to access these files:

First access the ads.csv and add your customer ID into the first column of the field. To accomplish this simply right click with your mouse on the column and select “insert” and it will automatically create a new column for you. Now, enter the title “Customer ID” (which you can get from your Google Ads account).


4. After adding the customer ID to the spreadsheet you exported from SEMrush now you are ready for upload. Download and Install the Google Ads Editor here.

When you are done with this, simply go into the tool, sign in, then select the “Import” button at the top right of the program. Choose “From file.”

5. After choosing “import from file” you will be prompted to review the data and see what Entity types will be updated, added, or skipped. At last you will be able to Revert and cancel the newest changes, or to Finish and review changes. After clicking review and finish changes the ads will be added to the tool.

6. The last step here is to add the default max CPC, maximum CPM, Target CPA, Max. CPV, and Target CPM. Then you will be good to go and your ads will be ready for your Google Ads campaign!

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