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Traffic Analytics Top Landing Pages Report Manual

In the Top Landing Pages report, you are able to see an in-depth look at a company’s digital marketing strategy. The report shows specific metrics on a website’s top 50 landing pages based on traffic.  

In this report we define landing pages as the pages that received the most external traffic during a user's first session.

Traffic Analytics Top Landing Pages Report image 1

For all of these pages, the report will let you see the number of unique visitors, the mobile/desktop ratio, the source of the most traffic (direct, referral, social media, search engines, and paid ads ).

You can analyze this data even further when you apply filters: time period (Historical Data filter)and country of origin (Location filter). 

Let’s say for example you are analyzing an e-commerce company that your site competes with. This data can help you see which of their products are the most popular amongst their visitors. As you can see in the example below, for, the Yeezy brand is amongst their most popular brands, having 2 of the top 10 landing pages.

Traffic Analytics Top Landing Pages Report image 2To save your research, export this report to CSV.