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Traffic Analytics Top Pages Report


In the Top Pages report, you are able to see an in-depth look at a company’s digital marketing strategy. The report shows specific metrics of up to a site’s top 1000 pages* based on traffic.

*Depending on the domain*

In this report, we define top pages as the pages with the highest number of unique visitors.

For all of these pages, the report will let you see the number of unique page views, unique visitors, entrances, traffic sources (direct, referral, social media, search engines, and paid ads ).

Unique page views are measured by the number of visits in which that page was viewed at least once. Unique visitors are the total number of unique visitors who viewed that given page. The number of entrances is the number of times a person entered the domain through that specific page. 

You can analyze this data even further when you apply filters: time period (Historical Data filter), country of origin (Location filter) and device type

Let’s say for example you are analyzing an e-commerce company that your site competes with. This data can help you see which of their products are the most popular amongst their visitors.

You can dive deeper into the top pages by expanding them. All you need to do is click on the pages column or the drop-down arrow to the left.

This gives you a breakdown of each page’s top device types and sources of traffic. In addition, each of these data sets will be broken down into percentages.

Your entrance sources will show you how much of a competitor’s page’s traffic comes from direct, referral, search, social, and paid sources.

Using the search box, you can filter your list of top pages for a specific topic. This can help find a competitor's pages related to a specific topic only. For example, you can find whether has other pages related to the Yeezy brand.

This way, if you are only interested in, let's say, a specific product of your competitor, you can type your query into the search bar and find exactly the pages related to your query. Then you can analyze Unique Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Entrances, and Entrance Sources and export the data to CSV.