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How to Monetize Your Content with CPC Map
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How to Monetize Your Content with CPC Map


Curious to know which industry offers the most generous rewards for their ads? Or are you stuck wondering what country, state or region can boast the most click-happy and bankable audience in your niche? Do we have some good news for you then! Every advertising secret can be revealed with the hot new SEMrush-powered Advertising treasure map! (But we just call it CPC Map, because we're modest like that).

Well, every decent treasure hunt starts with a treasure map. This is especially true if the treasure you're after is a steady supply of income generated by advertisements running on your website, blog, or any other online medium.

Workflow Overview

Who is This Guide for?

We're absolutely positive this workflow guide will prove useful to:

  • Ad publishers looking to find the most profitable industries, regions and audiences to display their ads to;
  • Creators and bloggers looking to monetize their content: find the most promising industry and audience or industry/audience combos for their content.

What’s the Idea?

Essentially, the CPC Map tool does all the research legwork for you, so you can make an educated decision as to which industry, location or keyword has the best monetization potential.

In other words, our CPC Map processes vast amounts of advertising data across 15 countries, multiple industries and 5,567,193 keywords and displays it in a concise, easy-to-read and fully interactive report.

So here's a step-by-step guide on how you can benefit from adding the CPC Map to your toolbox, whether you're a publisher, a blogger, or someone willing to turn a profit by monetizing their content online.


Step 1. Picking the Best Country and State/Region for Monetization

Naturally, the first step to begin this workflow will be accessing the CPC Map tool. To do so, simply find it in the left-hand navigation menu and click it:

CPC Map navigation screenshot

Welcome to the CPC Map! Looks awesome, doesn't it? It's fully interactive, so why not give it a few clicks? Please do take your time trying it out and see if you like the way it visualizes complex data in what we like to believe is a pretty convenient interface.

We hate to break up the party, but our journey actually begins elsewhere. So when you're ready to move on, let's head to the 'Compare' tab. Worry not, we'll get back to this map soon enough. To switch to another tab, simply click on it, as shown in the example below:

CPC Map: Switching to Compare tab

For the sake of this demonstration, we'll assume the role of an English-speaking (or should we say English-writing?) blogger wanting to monetize their cryptocurrency blog among various English-speaking communities. Fictional as it is, this scenario replicates what hundreds of thousands of online content creators are up to these days. So it's safe to call it a textbook monetization workflow example. 

So, at this point, we're just starting out and are not quite sure which region we should gear our content towards. Naturally, our first step would be to research the advertising market to find out which country runs the most expensive ads for our industry of choice.

Normally, this would be a huge pain, especially for someone just starting out. Good thing we have the CPC Map to crunch all the data for us this time. So here's what we do to find the best-paying country (in terms of advertising price) to gear our content towards:

  1. First, let's make sure we have the 'Countries' switch selected (Fig. 1):  
  2. Then we pick the preferred currency. Since most advertisers deal in USD, let's use that as our preferred currency (Fig. 2):
  3. Finally, we can add up to 5 countries for comparison (Fig. 3). But we'll just pick three for our CPC showdown:

CPC Map countries comparison

Now, let's figure out how to read the results. The least expensive country will be marked in green, whereas the most expensive will be colored in a menacing red. In our scenario, we're looking for the top advertising price, so let's focus our attention on the red then, menacing as it is.

Reading the comparison results in CPC MapCan you guess which is the best region to go for in our scenario? Yup, it's Australia.

Going Deeper – Researching States & Regions

If your business goals demand it, you can go even deeper within the scope of one country and pick the most profitable region or state to aim for. This may seem like overkill at first, but being thorough can sometimes pay off. Here's how you narrow down your search to states or regions:

  1. Select the 'Regions' switch.
  2. Add up to 5 regions for comparison.
  3. When it comes to interpreting the results, it's the same trick as before – red goes faster (and is more expensive).

Comparing regions in CPC map

Picking an Industry/Niche

If you're an extremely versatile publisher or an all-round educated content creator, you can also pick the most profitable industry:

  1. Select the 'Industries' switch.
  2. Pick a country.
  3. Add up to 5 regions.

Using the industries comparison

Step 2. Getting Detailed Insights into Your Target Niche

Looking at charts and tables all day can be exhausting, so let's head back to the map itself. To do so, simply click on the Map tab, as shown in the example below:

Switching to the Map tab of the CPC Map

Taking a Bird’s-Eye View of the Market

The first thing you can do is pick a country and get a pretty detailed overview of the local CPC market:

  • Depending on their 'CPC density', different regions or states will have different colors. The more expensive a certain region is to advertise in, the darker it's colored;
  • Alternatively, you can get a country-wide overview of what's worth what in the local advertising department: from lowest and highest CPC values, to a more detailed run-down on top industries and keywords engaged in online advertising.

CPC Map overview screenshot

Researching Price vs Demand

Like we said in the intro, chasing after the most expensive industry or keyword is not necessarily the most profitable option to go with. After all, expensive stuff is no good for you as an ad publisher if there's little to no demand for it.

With the CPC Map, you can compare the Price vs Demand for both industries and keywords, and either nail the perfect balance or find epic industries and keywords that are both popular and expensive to advertise in:

PPC price vs demand functionality in CPC MapAs promised, apart from the industries, you can also compare the most expensive keywords against the most popular ones:

Keyword price vs demand comparison

Cool things to note here:

  • You can view the most popular and expensive keywords within the scope of a particular industry, country or even a region.
  • Same goes for PPC costs and PPC demand values: you can always take an overview of the market or get into very specific geo-based details.

History and Predictions

For better or worse, few things in online advertising last forever. Trends come and go, prices spike and drop. But you can be ahead of the curve with the final section of the CPC Map:

Average CPC and Volume chart

In this section, you can:

  1. See historical average CPC and Volume values for the selected industry in the selected country, region or state.
  2. Get a glimpse of the future with predicted Price and Demand value trends to avoid unpleasant surprises and plan your monetization campaign way ahead of your competition.

Workflow Recap

And that's pretty much it for this workflow. Let us do a quick recap of how you can use this newly acquired knolwedge to improve your online monetization effort:

Publisher – Maxing Out Your Profits

Even if it's not your primary source of revenue, every publisher wants to get the most out of their website or web-app's monetization potential. From AdSense to native ad formats, there's plenty of advertisers out there, and you need a reliable and actual map of the market to secure the best offer out there:

  • Accurate Pricing
    Lots of online publishers tend to undersell their advertising spaces. But knowing the average Cost-per-Click in a certain country, region or industry will give you a strong hand in business negotiations with advertisers. This is especially true if you're working with direct offers and not automated networks like AdSense.
  • Diversifying Your Monetization Campaign
    Whether you plan on launching a new website in your network or are just looking to diversify the content of an already established domain, it never hurts to power that move with some marketing insights. With CPC Map, you can easily choose the most profitable industry and audience in terms of monetization potential and gear your new content towards it.
  • Balancing the Price vs Demand Dilemma
    A  top-paying advertisement is only good as long as there are people clicking on it. Thus, impressive CPC doesn't necessarily mean a huge increase in profit. The most expensive keywords and industries won't generate you much revenue if there's a really tiny market for them. Some ‘CPC underdogs’, however, can make up in quantity what they lack in price quality. With the CPC Map, you can find the right balance between ad price and demand to maximize your profits as a publisher.

Content Creator – Picking the Best Industry and Audience for Your Content

Let's suppose you're starting a blog. Even if it's purely for the love of the craft, who's to say it can't be profitable? We certainly wouldn't. So naturally, you decide to monetize your content, but whatever intimidating decisions you have to make when starting out, you are now ready to make every call right:

  • Picking the Most Profitable Niche
    The measure of success for any content is whether or not it hits home with the topic, audience and demand. Naturally, picking the right niche and topical keywords should be paramount for you as a creator. Especially with monetization in mind, powering the most important step in your journey with reliable marketing data seems like an absolute 'must do'.
  • Choosing the Right Audience
    Whether it's Google AdSense or direct advertising, the potential return that you can expect from running ads in your blog depends on the audience as well as the industry. If your content is in English, you can gear it towards a specific country – like the US, for instance – to maximize your profits.
  • Price Discovery
    If you're new to the whole online advertising thing, it can be tough to put a price tag on your content. Are you missing out? Are you asking for too much? This is especially true for direct advertising.

And that does it! We sincerely hope you find the article helpful and have an absolute blast with our new CPC Map tool! The tool is in active development, and we're anxious to see your suggestions, use cases and ideas for new functionality! Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts by dropping us a line at or by using in the feedback form below this article. Thank you for helping us make SEMrush better!

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