SEO Content Template

This report was made to help content marketers create new SEO-focused content.

While the other reports in SEO Ideas provide insight about your already existing content, the SEO Content Template will guide you through your first steps in creating new content.

The point of this report is to give content creators an SEO focus from the very beginning of their creation process. By optimizing a page from the start, you give it the best chance to perform well on search engines.

All you have to do is enter your target keyword or keywords, and the report generates a template of ideas and recommendations for how to build your content to optimize for your keywords. You can download this template as a word document to save as a resource.

SEO Content Template image 1SEMrush will analyze the top rankings pages for your keyword to generate recommendations about various elements that have an effect on SEO, including:

  • Suggested content length
  • How often to place keywords in your content
  • Semantically related words to include in the body of the text
  • Suggested meta data length
  • Whether or not to include video
  • Ideas for building backlinks

SEO Content Template image 2In the example above, you can see the recommendations for optimizing a page for the keyword “tomato stew.” If you click the “Analyzed rivals” button you can see the rivals in the top ten where SEO Ideas gathered information to base its recommendations off of.

SEO Content Template image 3If you enter more than one keyword in the start page, SEMrush will analyze the top pages for each keyword entered to source its ideas (watch below).

You’ll see suggestions for your page title, meta description, H1, text, and backlinks the same as if you only entered one keyword.


When you select “export to DOC,” SEO Ideas generates a Microsoft Word document with the recommendations laid out in a neatly structured document.

SEO Content Template image 5Now you have a simple template to get started on your new content! Use this document as part of a client deliverable, as a report to share within your team, or as a template to give the writer working on your website content. However you choose to interpret these recommendations is up to you.

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