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Assess your online presence clearly

The local SERP (search engine results page) for your business is like your online shop window, so you want to dress it up for success. With a complete Google Business Profile, citations in popular directories, social media accounts, and top rankings in local and organic results, you can dominate local SERPs and take the lion's share of the traffic coming to it. But tracking your business’ performance without a reliable local SERP checker is like night driving with the headlights off—you might make some progress, but it’s pretty hard to tell, and sooner or later, you’re going to crash. So, to get a clear view of your business’ online presence, you need a local SEO checker you can trust to monitor your local SEO and improve your rankings.

Track your local positions

It might seem reasonable to search keywords on Google yourself to see where you rank, but what you see in your own results can be wildly different to what users in other locations get.
Tools like Google Search Console, which show average positions for organic keywords, aren’t a substitute for a good local SERP checker either. Semrush’s Listing Management tool is the only local SEO checker you need to track your local SEO performance.
Enter up to five keywords to see where you rank locally and feel confident your SEO reports are based on reliable data.
The keyword selection screen of Semrush’s local SERP checker, Listing Management

Go deeper with Heatmap

Local SERPs display differently depending on a range of ranking factors, including the user’s proximity to your business’ location.
Without a local search tool, it’s hard to know where you need to improve your local SEO because you won’t have definitive data for the areas you’re trying to rank for.
Heatmap is a Premium Location tool that shows Listing Management users accurate rankings across an area in a grid, quickly highlighting local weak spots.
Not only that, but you can even compare your positions with those of your competitors, so you know exactly whose local SEO strategy you need to beat.
Heatmap, a powerful tool for Semrush’s Listing Management Premium Location subscribers

Shine up your local SERP presence

Star ratings are a massive deciding factor for users looking for businesses online, so if you’re not doing everything you can to make sure yours is 4.0+, you’re setting yourself up for local SEO failure.
Customers are usually quite happy to leave reviews for businesses they had a good experience with, but without a prompt to do so, it’ll likely slip their minds.
A strong review generation campaign will soon get the feedback flooding in, but with that comes new responsibilities in replying to everyone that posted a review, across all your platforms.
Semush’s Listing Management allows you to keep track of reviews, whether they were posted on Google, Facebook or any other directory Semrush partners with, helping you maintain your reputation and look great on local SERPs.
Listing Management’s Google Business Profile and Facebook review interface

Own more local SERP real estate

A great local SERP presence is about more than just a well-optimized Google Business Profile.
Yelp, Facebook, and Tripadvisor are just some of the other top directories you should be listing your business on for maximum exposure on local SERPs.
In fact, these results actually appear above the Google local pack, making it an incredibly risky decision to neglect them just because it’s a lot of work to create all the profiles.
Don’t miss out on these valuable placements. Use Listing Management’s local search tools to quickly distribute your business listings to 70+ directories and take control of your local SERPs.
Listings displayed above Places on a local SERP
Semrush Local is the ultimate solution for your local SEO strategy.
Local citation scan
  • Audit five locations per day.
  • See your status in the top directories.
  • Check your average rating for all reviews.
Basic Location
    All Free features plus:
  • Distribute business information to 70+ listings.
  • Suppress duplicates.
  • Consult user suggestions.
  • Track local rankings.
  • Manage your reviews.
  • Optimize for voice search.
Premium Location
    All Basic features plus:
  • Track your positions in Google Maps with Heatmap.
  • Respond to reviews directly from the interface.
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Preston Powell
Chief Marketing Officer at WebServ

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