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How to boost growth using analytics for small businesses

Learn where to get the right data for your SMB and how to leverage it

Quick summary
  • Understanding analytics for small businesses gives you the edge against competitors that ignore their valuable data.
  • There are lots of free and affordable tools to help small businesses navigate their data and make better decisions.
  • Semrush Local gives small businesses the analytics they need to supercharge their local SEO and boost revenues.

In the past, the power of data analysis was a luxury reserved for large corporations.

But today, thanks to a plethora of affordable tools, you don't need a corporate-sized budget to tap into the potential of data. Whether you're managing a cozy bookstore or a local law firm, the world of data analysis is now within your grasp.

How small business analytics can lead to massive growth

For small businesses with tight margins, every decision matters.

A good understanding of analytics empowers SMBs with actionable insights to draw conclusions from and make better choices.

From pricing to content creation, analytics helps identify trends and patterns that small business owners might otherwise miss.

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An investment in small business analytics can reduce the cost of customer acquisition and boost revenues.

With the right tools, small businesses can visualize their data and make interpreting it easier.

Analytics can even provide insights into market trends and competitor activities, helping small businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Competitive edge: Semrush Local shows your competitors’ rankings, as well as data on their review profiles to inform your strategy.

Where to start in small business data analytics

Making sense of all the different analytics available for small businesses can feel a little overwhelming.

But making a clear plan before you begin will help you focus on what’s important and avoid analysis paralysis .

Begin by defining clear, measurable goals for your small business analytics to guide your strategy in the right direction.

Do you want to achieve:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher search rankings
  • Expansion into new markets
  • More website traffic

Choose tools that align with your business goals and budget. Analytics tools suitable for small businesses offer user-friendly interfaces and require minimal technical expertise (i.e. no development team or integrations).

Next, decide what data you'll need to collect to help your small business achieve its objectives.

Common small business data analysis involves sales records, customer feedback, website analytics, and social media metrics.

Double-check your sources to make sure your data is accurate, up-to-date, and well-organized. Clean and structured data is essential for meaningful analysis.

Finally, you’ll need to decide which tools to use, as well as how to install them.

Simple setup: Semrush Local quickly pulls up data on your small business simply by searching your company name.

The best small business analytics platforms

In the past, only enterprise-level businesses had the resources to leverage data analysis for bigger gains.

But today, even the smallest business has access to data analytics they can use to compete with deeper-pocketed competitors.

Here are a few of the small business analytics tools that make your data work for you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a widely used web analytics platform that provides insights into website traffic, user behavior, and conversions.

The free tool tracks page views, bounce rates, and user journeys, which you can use to refine marketing strategies.

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There’s a bit of a learning curve to Google Analytics, and you might need a developer to set it up. But there are plenty of free resources available, including Google’s own Analytics Academy.

Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a powerful tool that allows businesses to create interactive reports and dashboards.

It connects to various popular data sources, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of data you’ve exported or created yourself.

Power BI offers a free version with limited features and a paid version that allows you to publish and share reports.


Semrush offers small businesses invaluable insights into their online presence, helping them make informed decisions to boost their digital marketing strategies.

The user-friendly interface is accessible to those with limited technical expertise, making it an ideal choice for small business owners.

Plus, Semrush’s local SEO tools give businesses everything they need to outrank competitors and earn more traffic in their area.


Tableau is another robust data and analytics platform that helps businesses create interactive and shareable dashboards.

It offers a range of data connectors and the platform’s user-friendly interface is accessible for all skill levels.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio, formerly Google Data Studio, is a free tool that allows businesses to analyze and visualize their data.

It takes some setting up, but it’s worth it to have valuable small business data analytics dashboards at your fingertips.

Google Business Profile insights

Google Business Profile empowers small businesses to take control over how their business looks in local Search and Maps results.

Use the platform’s insights feature to track data on website clicks, calls, and direction requests to better understand user behavior.

Connected reports: Pull your Google Business Profile insights into Semrush Local to analyze this valuable customer data against your other stats

How to use small business analytics in your marketing strategy

Analytics for small businesses is about more than just gathering data and finding patterns; you should also use it to make informed decisions.

Small businesses can use data analytics to segment their customer base into groups with similar demographics, preferences, and behaviors. This allows for personalized marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with specific customer segments.

For small businesses with an online presence, website analytics provide valuable insights into user behavior. Business decisions based on this data can enhance user experience and improve conversion rates.

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Analytics can help track the return on investment (ROI) for various marketing channels and campaigns. With this data, small business owners can make better decisions about allocating resources to the most effective marketing strategies.

Study your small business analytics at regular intervals, implement changes and monitor the results. Over time, iterate and refine your strategies based on fresh insights.

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Better visibility through small business analytics in Semrush Local

Top rankings and 4.5+ reviews in search is the Holy Grail for small businesses that rely on local customers.

Semrush .Local empowers small businesses with analytics and tools to optimize their online strategies and elevate local performance.

Access local competitor insights

Understanding your competitors is a fundamental step to gaining an edge in your local market.

Semrush .Local offers competitor analysis tools that allow you to dissect your rivals' online strategies.

Benchmark your performance against competitors to improve your local SEO and digital marketing campaigns.
Competitor insights in Semrush Local

Accurate local ranking data

Visibility in local search is key to attracting more people to visit your small business.

But how do you work your way up the rankings and beat competitors claiming the top positions?

Whether it's tracking keyword performance or monitoring positions, Semrush .Local gives you the data you need to build an effective strategy. Plus, you can use its AI-powered tool to help you pick the right keywords for your business.
The Heatmap tool from Semrush Local

Review analytics from multiple platforms

Customer sentiment reveals what’s working in your small business so you can leverage the benefits people truly value.

Use Semrush’s Review Management to track reviews across various platforms and get a holistic view of what people think. And use its AI-powered tool to respond to your customers more efficiently to build trust and credibility.
Review analytics for small businesses

Citation analysis and correction

NAP data (name, address, phone number) helps search engines verify your small business and determine your visibility.

But inconsistent or incorrect citations can lead to confusion that negatively impacts your local search rankings.

Semrush .Local simplifies the citation analysis process, letting you know what needs to happen to improve your local SEO.
Listings data from Semrush Local
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