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Small Business Saturday: How to leverage it for more sales

Strategies to boost revenues on one of the biggest days in the local commerce calendar

Quick Summary
  • Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for small business owners to enjoy a boost in daily revenue.
  • Leveraging digital marketing strategies like local SEO positions your business to outdo competitors on this lucrative day.
  • Use Semrush Local to enhance your local visibility so customers can easily find you on Small Business Saturday.

Small businesses play a vital role in our communities.

That’s why, every year, Small Business Saturday promotes shopping locally every year instead of relying on malls and Amazon Prime for your every need.

Small Business Saturday is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to increase sales, improve visibility, and strengthen their community connections.

But the annual event is more than a commercial gimmick. It's a chance for your business to shine in your local community.

With a little planning, you can leverage Small Business Saturday to increase sales and build lasting relationships with your customers.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Every year, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to support the backbone of our communities: small businesses.

The idea is to shift focus from big retailers to small mom-and-pop stores that make our neighborhoods unique.

American Express first introduced the annual event in 2010 to encourage consumers to “shop small.” The financial services company features a Shop Small Map on its website to help locals find small businesses in their area.

Shoppers are encouraged to explore their neighborhood stores, dine at nearby restaurants, and embrace the charm of local boutiques.

A similar initiative called Shop Local Saturday was also started by CBS New York, which spotlights a different local business every week.

Year-round visibility: Semrush Local opens more eyes to your business on Small Business Saturday—as well as every Saturday.

When is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is celebrated annually on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

It began in the United States but has since gained international recognition to support local enterprises around the world on various dates, usually as an alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Because it’s a holiday shopping season, it’s important to check your opening hours are correct on your Google Business Profile (GBP), website, and other business listings.

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Incorrect opening hours on Small Business Saturday could lead to a lot of people arriving when you’re closed, leading to disappointed customers, negative reviews, and missed revenue.

In good hands: Semrush Local’s Listing Management tool constantly monitors your essential business details for errors and alerts you the moment it detects anything amiss.

Why Small Business Saturday matters

Small businesses are the lifeblood of local economies.

They create jobs, contribute to community development, and help neighborhoods thrive. In fact, in economies like the US, it is estimated that 99.9% of businesses are categorized as small according to the US Small Business Administration.

By shopping locally on Small Business Saturday, consumers stimulate economic growth right in their own backyards.

Shopping locally can also have a positive impact on the environment. It reduces the need for long-haul transportation and supports businesses that tend to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Small businesses contribute to the identity of a community. Supporting them ensures the preservation of local culture and tradition.

Why Small Business Saturday matters

Start promoting your participation in Small Business Saturday well in advance.

Use social media posts, email newsletters, and your website to let your customers know about special offers and create excitement around the day.

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Also, make use of Google Business Profile posts so people looking for participating businesses can see in the SERP (search engine ranking page).

Your local chambers of commerce may be investing in promoting the event locally, so see if there are any initiatives you can get involved with.

Partner with neighboring businesses for cross-promotions. Create joint marketing materials or even host events together to attract a larger crowd. Build local backlinks with your partners to enhance your organic and local SEO authority ahead of the day.

Consider extending your operating hours on Small Business Saturday. Longer hours can attract those who have busy schedules during the workweek. Be sure to update any special opening hours on your GBP and business listings.

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Show appreciation to your customers for supporting your business. Thank-you cards, small giveaways, or personalized notes can leave a lasting impression. And don’t forget to reply to online reviews customers leave after their Small Business Saturday experience.

After the event, evaluate the impact on your business. Review sales data, customer feedback, and engagement metrics to understand what worked well and what you need to improve for next year.

Data-driven: Semrush Local allows you to create reports easily so you can track the impact of your Small Business Saturday efforts.

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How Semrush Local gets companies ready for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a significant event for local businesses and preparation is key to making the most of it.

Semrush Local is a powerful set of tools that gets companies ready for Small Business Saturday by optimizing their online presence and positioning them for success.

Enhanced local visibility

Small Business Saturday thrives on the concept of shopping local, which means customers actively seek out businesses in their area.

Most shoppers use their phones to find local businesses, so you need to be optimized if you want to appear in the few results that fit on a handheld screen.

Semrush Local gives you fast access to top business listings so paying customers will have no trouble finding you online.
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Accurate business information

Inaccurate business information can hold you back in local rankings and can prevent customers from finding you on Small Business Saturday.

Accurate listings build trust and lead to a better experience for customers who want to visit your store or contact you for inquiries.

Semrush Local helps businesses ensure their name, address, and phone number (NAP) data is consistent across various online directories.
Possible duplicates of a Toastmasters Club listing

Reputation management

A solid online reputation is a critical part of attracting customers for Small Business Saturday and beyond.

Not only that, but it’s also an important local ranking factor according to Google itself.

Semrush Local’s reputation management tools help you monitor and respond to customer reviews so you can be sure you’re making the right impression.
A user replying to a review in Semrush’s Review Management

Local competitor insights

To stay ahead of the competition on Small Business Saturday, it’s important to understand what other local companies are doing.

For example, Semrush Local’s Heatmap position tracking and competitor analysis provide a visual depiction of your business's Google Maps standing. Additionally, it furnishes AI-powered keyword recommendations tailored to your location and industry.

This information is available to Semrush Local Premium Location subscribers and can be invaluable for tailoring promotions, as well as marketing campaigns to outshine rivals when the big day arrives.
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