[Mental Health Study] Social Anxiety Searches Soar 2,000% In The Past Four Years

As May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s explore search and traffic data to reveal how US and global consumers are approaching the topic of mental health.
May 17, 2023

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Semrush Goes Worldwide! Keyword Database Updates

Happy Holidays! This is the biggest gift we could possibly think of to give to our global community. Now Semrush database contains more than 100 countries!
Product News
January 22, 2016

SEO Ideas: Content Length

We've recently updated our SEO Ideas tool with a new idea that allows you to compare the word count on your webpages to that of your rivals.As the name suggests, the new 'Content Length' idea compares the number of words on your webpage to that found on rival pages ranki...
Product News
January 15, 2016

Content Ideas Generator: Get Your Perfect Headline

Looking for an eye-catching headline for your article but lacking inspiration? It can happen to anyone. Good ideas don’t always come into your head when you need them. Or should we say ‘fall on your head’?A creative process should be fun. Knowing this, we’ve created the ...
Product News
November 15, 2015

SEMrush Launches Japanese Database!

Because of popular demand, we are excited to announce the launch of a new regional database for Japan!
Product News
June 14, 2015

The Site Audit tool crawls 2 times more pages!

When conducting a technical SEO audit, the more you know about a webpage, the more issues you can fix.Now the Site Audit tool allows you to get more information about your webpages! The Page report now shows internal links coming to a particular page. It displays the tot...
Product News
May 25, 2015

Domain vs. Domain: Compare your and your competitors’ product listing ads side-by-side

Last week, we promised SEMrush users that they would get more features for evaluating the competitive landscape of Google Shopping. Promises made, promises kept! And the Domain vs. Domain tool, empowered with PLA data, is ready to bring you insight into competitors’ Goog...
Product News
November 19, 2014
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