Semrush Launches Annual Global Issues Index, Inspiring Organizations To Drive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Efforts

Study reveals pressing societal issues across the world; top ranked issue in the US this year is Unemployment, while Mental Health takes top spot globally
September 13, 2023

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Organic Research: 20 Million Keywords in our Spanish Database

Get ready to accelerate! We're beefing up our Spanish database and it has now hit 20 million keywords! And we have increased not just the quantity but also the quality of the collected data.
Product News
March 26, 2019

Track Your Brand Mentions on Forums with Brand Monitoring

Forums can be a powerful tool for community development, but can also turn into an instant brand reputation destroyer. Obviously, nobody wants to learn the hard way.
Product News
March 7, 2019

Traffic Analytics API: Market Intelligence in a Convenient Form

As businesses shift online, website traffic data becomes an intrinsic source of information about markets, competitors, business partners, and potential customers. Without this data, market research and business decision making would be incomplete.
Product News
February 21, 2019

Position Tracking: Landscape Report

Have you ever thought of having all key Position Tracking takeaways on one page? It would be pretty useful in cases where you need to get a general impression of a domain’s visibility, estimated traffic, position changes, etc. If you agree, check out the Landscape report...
Product News
February 21, 2019

Instagram Business in the Social Media Toolkit

We’re celebrating the great return of the much-anticipated social network to our social media tools. It was disabled for a period of time due to Instagram API deprecation, but we managed to get it back on track.
Product News
January 30, 2019

Google My Business Report: Get Insights for your Business Listing

If you want your target audience in your area to find your business online, you need to use Google My Business. With Semrush, you can now create a Google My Business report to collect all your GMB insights about your local business listing and key metrics in one place.  ...
Product News
January 18, 2019

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