Ad Assistant: Manage Your Clients’ Ad Campaigns on the Go and with Ease

March 30, 2023image

When it comes to managing your clients’ ad campaigns, are you stuck to your office chair and glued to your screen, switching between platforms?

If this sounds like you, try the Ad Assistant app—now available from the Semrush App Center.

Ad Assistant by Clever Ads is an app that helps you control and optimize your clients’ ad campaigns from the palm of your hand.

Ad Assistant keeps a 24/7 eye on the performance of your clients’ ad campaigns, even when you’re away from your desk. In fact, you don’t even need your computer. All you need is your mobile phone—that’s it!

From the app, you can manage ads on:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

How Exactly Does Ad Assistant Work?

You set the alerts you want, and Ad Assistant sends you real-time notifications informing you whether the accounts you handle need attention.

With the preset alerts in the app, you’ll be notified when your ads are not performing well.

You can also create and configure your own alerts for parameters you want to see, such as when conversions are dropping.

Then take immediate action and optimize or make changes accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Ad Assistant?

Ad Assistant is a great asset for anyone who manages multiple ad accounts, including agencies and in-house ad managers. The app can help you:

  • Avoid surprises with instant alerts
  • Save money for your clients by making adjustments as soon as you’re alerted to changes in trends or anomalies
  • Save time by making immediate edits to ad campaigns
  • Simplify your campaign management by monitoring all your ads in one platform
  • Get technical support for onboarding and anytime you need help

And more.

Monitor and optimize all your clients’ ad campaigns, saving time for yourself and money for your clients.

Try Ad Assistant

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