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Agency Growth Kit

Client Portal in the Agency Growth Kit

The Agency Growth Kit keeps gaining momentum! Today we’re presenting a new feature inside the Сlient Manager Tool, Client Portal, set to help agencies streamline one of their most demanding and time-consuming workflows – reporting. Read more...

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Client Manager: Safe File Storage with the Docs Feature

We’re continuing to turn the Client Manager tool into your number one reliable helper, regardless of your working pace or scope of tasks. Today, we’re happy to present another smart solution inside the tool, aiming to spare you from the struggle of routine work. Read more...

File storage in client management software

Client Manager: Add Related Links and View Your Project Metrics in One Place

Our Client Manager is gaining momentum and is all set to provide you with even more handy features for managing customers and organizing the scope of work performed for them. Let’s see what’s new. Read more...Client Manager: new features

Present Mode in the Agency Growth Kit

Today’s update is entirely inspired by your valuable feedback. Previously, you may have found it difficult to present some of the internal Semrush data or functionality to your clients as there was always a risk of revealing sensitive data and breaching the confidentiality of your other projects. Read more...

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Create Tasks in Client Manager

The ability to manage multiple workflows is a crucial skill when it comes to interacting with your clients. Even hardcore online marketing professionals can get lost in the volumes of data and different processes. Keeping that in mind, we have equipped Client Manager – our tool for managing customers and organizing the scope of work performed for them inside Semrush – with a brand-new handy feature. Read more...Tasks in Client Manager

Agency Growth Kit: A New Toolset to Boost Your Agency Results

Thousands of marketing and SEO agencies already use SEMrush to deliver outstanding results to their clients. And we’re always doing our best to help them along the way.

We’re happy to present the Agency Growth Kit - the first SEMrush agency-tailored add-on helping our users find, win and retain more clients! Read more...

Agency Growth Kit