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Backlinks: PDF Report for Backlink Comparison

We're pretty sure that you’ve already benefited from our extremely helpful Backlink Comparison feature in the Backlinks Overview report. It’s time to make the report even more convenient. You can now export this data into a PDF report. Read more...

Backlinks banner

Backlinks: New Opportunities in Competitors Analysis

It's always beneficial to learn more about your rivals in order to stay ahead of them. Knowing this, we’re all set to present another useful brick for your link-building activities. Meet the new Competitors report which we've recently embedded in our Backlinks service. Read more...

Backlinks Competitors report banner

Backlinks: Quick Batch Comparison

How much is enough? You never know, including when it comes to collecting backlinks to your site and analyzing potentially useful and profitable sources. Meet the newest update to our Backlink Analytics service. Read more...

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Backlinks: Quick and Easy Disavow

A new, extremely convenient feature has recently been embedded in our Backlink Analytics. Now you have two brand new ways of working with questionable backlinks, so you can stay out of trouble. Read more...

SEMrush: Backlinks: Quick and Easy Disavow image 1

Backlinks: Notes

Our Backlink Analytics is becoming more useful and convenient to work with. And we can tell from your feedback. How about more functionality and convenience? No sooner said than done! Read more...

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Backlinks: Overview PDF Report

A new, handy update to the Backlinks Overview report is now available. We’ve received a lot of feedback requesting that we add an export-to-PDF feature. You got it! Read more... SEMrush: Backlinks: Overview PDF Report image 1

Backlinks: Catch Them All!

Some good news from our Backlinks service! We have recently updated it with an extremely helpful feature. No data will slip through your fingers now! Read more...

SEMrush: Backlinks: Catch Them All! image 1

Backlinks Are Becoming Clearer

SEMrush’s backlinks service is rapidly developing! Today we’re happy to introduce several updates for Backlinks (as a part of Domain Analytics). So what’s new? Read more...

SEMrush: Backlinks Are Becoming Clearer image 1

Brand Monitoring Tool: Tracking Backlinks

We're happy to introduce the latest Brand Monitoring tool update: you can now track backlinks! Read more...

SEMrush: Brand Monitoring Tool: Tracking Backlinks image 1

Keep Track of Sitewide Links with Ease!

We’ve recently introduced a minor yet very useful improvement to our Backlinks report - sitewide links. From now on, each sitewide link is displayed only for the referring page with the highest score, ridding your report of duplicate information(instead of listing all pages with the same backlink on it) and thus making it a lot easier to read. Furthermore, you can now filter your report to either include all sitewide links or exclude them completely. Read more...

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