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Brand Monitoring tool

Brand Monitoring: Advanced Reports Scheduling

Reporting can be an important part of your work. It might take a month of Sundays to efficiently customize report delivery. What if there are several recipients you have to show the results of your work to? What if they all have special timing requirements? Just in case everybody wants to know how popular and often discussed your brand is becoming, this new update is for you. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: Traffic Level Labels

Obviously, success involves much work, and the more recognizable on the Web you become, the more brand mentions you have to track. We know how important it is to keep from getting lost in the sea of analytical data and are proud to present a new handy feature in our BM tool – it now shows you some helpful clues on what sites you should pay more attention to, according to the amount of traffic they get. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: Backlinks Statistics and Link To URL Filter

We’re happy to introduce a few updates to our Brand Monitoring tool you should pay attention to. Without further ado, let’s see what's new. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: Tracking Mentions on Specific Domains

Do you ever miss someone or something so much that it hurts? A person? A feeling? A memory? Maybe updates on our Brand Monitoring? Great news! We’re all set to lend you a hand with the latter – our incredible tool created to help you keep an eye on your brand mentions has recently acquired a new and very useful feature. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: A New Source For Keeping Up with Your Brand’s Reputation

Time for some great news we’ve all been waiting for! Meet the new ‘Tweets’ section of our Brand Monitoring tool. Now we’ll search for your brand mentions, you guessed it, in Twitter. Read more...

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Brand Monitoring: Large-scale Interface Update

The Brand Monitoring tool is becoming more and more convenient to work with. Obviously, there is always room for improvement. Today we have prepared a huge interface update. Let’s see what’s new. Read more...

Brand Monitoring Large-scale Interface Update

Brand Monitoring: A Few More Tricks

We’re always working on improving our tools’ functionality and are now all set to show you some new updates to the Brand Monitoring tool. Read more...

SEMrush: Brand Monitoring: A Few More Tricks image 1

Check Out a Ton Of Updates For the Brand Monitoring Tool

Here’s a new update pack for the Brand Monitoring tool to ease your brand mentions search. Ready to roll? Let’s see what's new. Read more...

SEMrush: Check Out a Ton Of Updates For the Brand Monitoring Tool image 1

Be the First to Test Our New Twitter Tracking Service With the Brand Monitoring Tool

According to Gartner, an IT research and advisory company, 54 percent of all public brand mentions on social media occur on Twitter. It’s a key social platform where most users expect their favorite brands to engage with and talk to them. Read more...

SEMrush: Be the First to Test Our New Twitter Tracking Service With the Brand Monitoring Tool image 1

Brand Monitoring: Discover More!

This new feature was announced a while ago, and we finally released it! Meet the Statistics tab in Brand Monitoring. Read more...

SEMrush: Brand Monitoring: Discover More! image 1

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