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Competitive Research Toolkit

Reveal Top Players and Benchmark the Industry with Market Explorer

Market research can take you beyond your direct competition — and this is where Market Explorer comes to the fore. A brand-new tool by SEMrush can help you discover the top players in any industry, highlight the companies you should consider for benchmarking and reveal in-market audience interests in a click. Read more…Market Explorer banner

Competitive Intelligence 2.0: The Power of Data in the Service of Your Business

10 years ago SEMrush began as an SEO solution aimed at making online competition fair and equal for everyone. After a decade of trailblazing experiments and hard work this small startup has grown into the world's leading competitive research service covering all areas of digital marketing. This autumn, to provide our customers with the full range of market insights SEMrush announces the release of its Competitive Intelligence 2.0 toolkit. Read more... Competitive Intelligence 2.0