What’s New: Semrush Integrates With AI Writing Platform Scalenut

August 15, 2022image

The popular AI writing platform Scalenut has partnered with Semrush to provide a keyword research and topic cluster integration to support quality content creation


Scalenut’s mission is to help customers write better content faster, using both natural and artificial intelligence. Not only do users get fresh content ideas, but they can also create better content using a guided workflow.

With the Semrush-Scalenut integration, quality content goes a step further, allowing Scalenut users to easily perform keyword and topic research without leaving the platform. 

Using the Semrush Keyword Researcher and Cluster Booster in Scalenut, users get:

  • Suggested keywords related to their primary search term
  • Insights on trends, search volume, and competition for suggested keywords
  • CPC keyword opportunities
  • Keyword-rich content from the start of creation
  • Topic clusters sorted and assessed by difficulty
  • Additional info on keyword difficulty and CPC

For the Semrush Keyword Researcher, users can access the integration right in their Scalenut account and start conducting keyword research in minutes. 

Once they’ve selected the keywords with the most potential, they can create an SEO document for a more thorough analysis.


The Semrush Cluster Booster, which must also be connected through integration, augments additional data for cluster difficulty, keyword difficulty, and CPC. 

Each module in Cluster Booster generates a score to show which topic cluster has the most potential. Like the Keyword Researcher, the user can create an SEO doc which can then be used to improve content quality and performance.


This integration works with all Semrush plans. SEO and marketing specialists who would like to test this integration must have both Semrush and Scalenut accounts.

To integrate Semrush Keyword Researcher with your Scalenut account, visit Scalenut’s article on Keyword Researcher setup.

For guidance on connecting the Semrush Cluster Booster, visit the article on Cluster Booster setup.

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