Our Recent Traffic Data Update Brings You Better Insights

December 12, 2022image

Here at Semrush, our number one goal is to provide you with the highest quality insights for your market and competitive research. To achieve this objective, we work tirelessly to improve our algorithms and expand our range of third-party data providers. 

As we look toward 2023, we’re happy to share some exciting news with you about our most recent updates. We’re happy to share that these improvements will continue to bring you the best possible insights so your business can continue to thrive! 

Here’s what we’ve done to improve our data   

Earlier this year, we added a number of new data providers to our roster. The expanded data set has added precision to our insights, and we’ve continued to fine-tune our algorithms to smooth out anomalies. Specifically: 

  • We’ve strengthened our prediction model to provide you with more accurate and stable mobile data. 
  • We’ve adjusted mobile and total traffic numbers based on improved data, though desktop data will remain the same.  
  • We’ve recalculated historical mobile data from April 2021 to November 2022 to smooth out rare inconsistencies. We balanced our forecasting model so inconsistent data gains increased accuracy.

What you can expect moving forward  

As always, you can expect the highest quality data and the best possible insights to help you understand your market, competitors, and audience. And this means a stronger marketing strategy through 2023 and beyond! 

You may also notice some slight variations across the .Trends reports as we roll out these updates. Not to worry. We will continue to iron out any wrinkles in the data on a monthly basis.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll rest assured we’re working diligently to provide all of the high-quality data your business needs to thrive.

About Semrush

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