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Not Just Another 2023 Digital Marketing Trends Post - Five Trends to Take Action On

By Andrew Warden, CMO, Semrush
Data & Insights
January 31, 2023

[Study] Is Web Accessibility Key to Driving Organic Traffic?

Many marketers operate on the assumption that web accessibility increases SEO. In collaboration with and BuiltWith, we set out to prove the claim by analyzing over 800 websites. The study suggests that digital accessibility is paramount for onlin...
Data & Insights
January 25, 2023

Trivia Day 2023: Weird and Wonderful Things People Want to Know

Search engines give us the tools to learn almost any skill, explore any topic, and even grow our businesses. With a device in hand, users have access to nearly unlimited information at their fingertips—and a love of trivia is a love of the random or useless fact. However...
Data & Insights
January 4, 2023

[Study] US Travelers Seek Deals and International Destinations, Search Data Reveals

Has the travel industry recovered from its massive pandemic slump? Based on increases in media ad spend, site traffic, and search volume over the last two years, things are looking up. But what exactly are people prioritizing as they start planning trips again? And what ...
Data & Insights
December 6, 2022

[Study] Will Black Friday 2022 Be Ecommerce's Biggest Yet?

During the pandemic, consumers flocked to online shopping, and retailers shifted their practices to meet demand, resulting in a huge boom for the ecommerce industry. But will this growth persist as we return to in-person activities? Black Friday trends for 2022 offer a g...
Data & Insights
November 17, 2022

Top 3 Search Trends Ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The four-year wait for the World Cup is almost over, and fans want related content. Globally, searches for “FIFA World Cup 2022” are up nearly 300% from last year, according to Semrush data. As die-hard fans and casual viewers alike prepare for one of sport’s largest eve...
Data & Insights
November 11, 2022

Zero-Click Searches Are on the Rise — But Marketers Shouldn’t Be Scared

The season of ghouls and goblins is upon us, and for marketers, one rising Google trend may feel particularly scary: the zero-click search. A zero-click search happens when a user performs a search but doesn’t click on a link that takes them outside of Google. In fact, a...
Data & Insights
October 28, 2022

[Study] Interest in Remote Work Surges 300% amid Shifting Employment Landscape

Remote work became far more popular as COVID-19 restricted workers to their homes, but even as vaccines have become widely available, interest in working from home has skyrocketed. From July 2021 to July 2022, remote work search queries jumped 300%, according to a jobs s...
Data & Insights
October 18, 2022
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