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New Mobile App Tester: Streamline App Testing and Boost Productivity

Making sure your new app is a hit to both your Android and iOS customers has never been so effortless.
Product News
November 30, 2023

With New AI Chat, ContentShake AI Is Your Ideal Writing Partner

By combining Semrush insights with the power of generative AI, ContentShake AI helps you create content that ranks higher on more keywords and connect with a bigger audience.
Product News
November 29, 2023

Local SEO: Collaborate and Share Locations in Listing Management

Managing your business listings with your team just became much easier within Semrush Local, a leading toolkit for local SEO.
Product News
November 20, 2023

New in Agency Growth Kit “Advanced”: Client Portals on a Custom Domain

We are excited to announce the release of the Agency Growth Kit Advanced plan. This comprehensive plan caters to the needs of established agencies and includes a highly requested feature: Client Portals on a custom subdomain.By integrating Client Portals seamlessly into ...
Product News
November 14, 2023

Discover Related Keywords from Semrush now in Yoast Shopify App

WordPress and Shopify users can now more easily optimize their ecommerce websites with our latest integration with Yoast: related keywords powered by Semrush data!
Product News
November 3, 2023

AI Ad Copy Generator: Improve the ROI of your Google Ads Campaigns in Just Two Clicks

Make the most of your ad budget and Google Ads campaigns with the new AI Ad Copy Generator app, available in the Semrush App Center.
Product News
October 6, 2023

An Extended Keyword Database for Israel Is Available – Only via Our Premium Partner Adactive

This article is an updated version of a post from August 2020
Product News
October 4, 2023

See the Secrets of Any Shopify Store with Koala Inspector Online ShopSpy App

Quickly build a more satisfying and effective selling experience for your Shopify store with the new Koala Inspector Online ShopSpy, now available from the Semrush App Center. The app lets you peek under the hood of any Shopify store to uncover their strategies.Learn the...
Product News
October 3, 2023

Introducing The Email Signature Generator App: End Your Emails With A Good Impression

The Semrush App Center is excited to welcome its newest app, the Email Signature Generator. Leave a lasting impression on your correspondence with this tool that builds polished, templated email signatures and then integrates them into your messaging platforms.
Product News
September 27, 2023