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Semrush Partners with MFour to Help Businesses Increase ROI Through Consumer Surveys & Behavior Data

Semrush, a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, today announces its collaboration with MFour, creators of the Studio platform for consumer discovery. The partnership will offer businesses insight into the motivations that drive online, app and location buy...
Product News
April 17, 2023

Find More Insights with Upgraded SERP Features Data

Do you wish you could know how much traffic your competitor gets from their SERP feature rankings? Now you can find out.Today, we’re rolling out an update that changes how we collect and present data on SERP features.Here’s what’s new:
Product News
April 11, 2023

Elevate Your Social Media with AI Social Content Generator

As anyone in the social media marketing world knows, creating high-quality, effective social content is a lot harder than it looks. Between coming up with enough fresh ideas, actually creating that content, and maintaining a consistent brand voice, it can sometimes feel ...
Product News
April 6, 2023

Zoom In on Your Market With the New Growth Quadrant

Look out, digital marketers! Semrush’s new Growth Quadrant is finally here. Ready to gain a new angle on your market’s competitive landscape?The Growth Quadrant is an easy-to-read matrix that allows you to identify competitors’ market positions and track their growth tra...
Product News
April 5, 2023

Is Your Website Accessible? Find Out in a Click!

Is your website accessible to everyone in your target audience? Find out—and stay compliant—with the help of a new app, Accessibility Scan & Monitor.
Product News
April 4, 2023

Ad Assistant: Manage Your Clients’ Ad Campaigns on the Go and with Ease

When it comes to managing your clients’ ad campaigns, are you stuck to your office chair and glued to your screen, switching between platforms?If this sounds like you, try the Ad Assistant app—now available from the Semrush App Center.Ad Assistant by Clever Ads is an app...
Product News
March 30, 2023

Create Quality Content with Copymatic’s AI Writing Assistant App

Creating compelling copy that attracts organic traffic to your site is essential yet time-consuming work, even for seasoned professionals. So, what if you had a solution to make it easier?Semrush is excited to announce a new addition to its App Center: AI Writing Assista...
Product News
March 9, 2023

Semrush Integration with Quickblog: Experience fast Keyword Research While Writing Your Blog

Semrush is excited to announce a new integration with Quickblog, a platform that makes it simple to create SEO-enhanced blogs.This integration allows users to conduct keyword research, using metrics from Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, directly within the Quickblog platfor...
Product News
February 23, 2023

Analytics Narratives App Launches in Semrush App Center

What is Analytics Narratives?
Product News
February 15, 2023
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