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February 24, 2022image


You’re a keyword research pro and can handle more keyword lists than you can count on your fingers and toes.

With your own lists, you’re on top of everything. But, it all changes when you need to share research with your teammates or clients.

Now, you’re looking at an Excel sheet that needs a code breaker to crack. 

Well, we’ve just added a new list-sharing feature to our Keyword Manager that makes it easier than ever to work as a team on keyword lists.

With your paid plan, you can now share your keyword lists with anyone, as long as they have a Semrush account (paid or free).

Shared lists will open right on our interface and allow you to make changes together as a team, in real time, directly in Semrush.

This update means: 

  • It’s easier than ever to collaborate on keyword research lists
  • You can easily sort your coworker’s keyword research by metrics
  • Paid subscribers can add keywords from multiple tools to the shared list
  • It doesn’t take up any space on your computer
  • It’s safely stored within Semrush

You can share existing Keyword Manager lists through the main Keyword Manager page: 


Just click the Share button that’s right above your lists. Then a pop-up will ask you to choose a list (or lists) to share. Enter the email with whom you want to share the list. To share with multiple subscribers, separate each email address with a comma.


Those you choose to share it with can have either Editor or Viewer access, depending on their subscription. Only paid subscribers can have Editor access, but paid or free subscribers can have Viewer access.

If someone shares a list with you, you can locate it in the Shared with Me tab. Only the Owner of the list can delete it. 

Keep in mind that anyone with Editor access to your shared lists can use the Update Metrics feature. When they use this feature, this action will also count toward your Keyword refresh limits.

Here are list sharing limits to be aware of:

  • All paid subscribers can share lists, with Editor access, with other paid subscribers
  • All paid subscribers can share lists, with Viewer access, with all subscribers (including free subscribers)
  • Free subscribers cannot share Keyword Manager Lists

There you have it! An easy way to share lists without a code breaker or massive computer memory. 

Don’t have a paid subscription but still want to try sharing your keyword lists? Sign up for a 7-day trial to access all the features of Keyword Manager. 

Learn more about what Keyword Manager has to offer from our Knowledge Base

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