Website Testing: Make Sure Your Site Looks Great and Functions Correctly, Everywhere

January 20, 2022image


You may have the most appealing site design and the coolest features, but if your site doesn’t look good and function correctly across browsers, devices, and locations, it just doesn’t count. 

While everything may work smoothly on Safari’s latest version, your design or timezone setup can simply distort on a different operating system or another location. And this is where the Website Testing tool comes in to save the day. 


Available within our Semrush App Center, the Website Testing tool can play an invaluable part in your site perfecting process.

Reap the full benefits of the tool by exploring its key features: 

  • Check your site’s looks and functionality on any browser, version, and operating system. The tool allows you to run interactive testing on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.
  • Run mobile web testing on both Android and iOS. The tool allows you to set up various versions of these operating systems!
  • Pinpoint any design issues — change screen resolution and take screenshots from your tests on various browsers. Then, send your screens directly to your colleagues and resolve all the bumps.
  • Make sure your localization features actually work. Set up various geolocations (Europe, the Americas, Asia) and see if your currency, timezone, and other setups change accordingly.

Rule out any design or compatibility issues across browsers and operating systems before they even show up on your users’ screens.

Ensure a smooth run of your site across browsers and operating systemsGet a free trial and explore the tool

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