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Ranking FactorsStudy 2017

Make better data-driven decisions
for your SEO strategy based on the
analysis of 600,000+ keywords

Dive Into the Study

With loads of guesswork and assumptions, the debate about Google ranking factors is never ending and evolves with every major algorithm update.
SEMrush is proud to present its own Ranking Factors study based on the largest scope of 600,000+ keywords from various local databases.

12 most prominent and controversial factors were chosen to shed light on what really impacts search results, allowing you to grasp opportunities before others. The main goal of the study was to identify any consistent patterns in the ranking mechanism that could be useful for our clients and the SEO community worldwide.

We have analyzed the following factors:

  1. Direct website visits
  2. Time on site
  3. Pages per session
  4. Bounce rate
  5. Referring domains
  6. Content length
  7. Website security (HTTPS)
  8. Keyword in body
  9. Keyword density
  10. Keyword in title
  11. Keyword in meta
  12. Video on page
not important very important
is the difference
in content length
between TOP-3 and
20th position
is the difference in the
number of referring domains
between the 1st and 10th positions
of domains
ranking for high
volume keywords are
is the bounce rate
for the domains
ranking within TOP-3
are visited per one session when
user lands on the website from
of domains
ranking for high
volume keywords don’t
have the keyword in
the body

All research results along with the key takeaways were structured and compiled in a PDF document. You’ll find the download link below.

Our Methodology in a Nutshell

Top 100 positions
for 600,000+ keywords

Each page analyzed
in terms of onpage factors, referring domains, traffic data

Keywords grouped by search

low (1-100), medium
(101-1,000), high (1,001-10,000),
highest (10,001 and up)

Search volume groups

by long-tail & short-head

Machine learning algorithm applied
to determine the importance of ranking factors

Download the Full Study with Takeaways and Improvement Tips

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