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Social Media Tracker

Smart social media analytics to help you learn from your competitors.

  • Monitor & benchmark
  • Analyze audience growth
  • Spot the best content

Watch your competitors

Understand how often they post, how much content is posted, and what type of content do they post? How much engagement do their social activities generate?

Compile all the data into easy-to-read PDF reports to know exactly where you stand with your social media strategy compared to your competitors.

Identify the top performing content

Find out which posts worked best in a particular social network. Is it really that interesting, or was it just published at the right time? Repurpose the most effective posts with your own new ideas and approaches.

Benchmark your social media performance

What qualifies as a ‘good and stable’ social media audience growth rate? What level of social media engagement should you aim for?

Find out which of your competitors are the best at attracting followers and what kind of interests they target. Spot unusual spikes and drops and analyze them in more detail.

Get started!

Smart social media analytics to help you learn from your competitors.

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Please note that filters will be applied to exported data.
For a full export, please contact us for a custom report.
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