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Domain Ad History for google.co.uk database
The report shows how long an ad has been used by the domain (in the last 12 months), and its positions in paid results. Click the position to see ad copies, visible URLs, CPC estimations, and keyword volume month by month. The text N/A in the report shows that SEMrush didn’t collect data for the given word in a particular month. A blank space means that the specified keyword wasn’t used for an ad campaign.

Sorry, we haven't found any information related to your request in the google.co.uk database.

There are some reasons why this could occur:

  • 1. The domain name was mistyped. Please make sure it is spelled correctly.
  • 2. The website with this domain name does not exist.
  • 3. This is a new website and we don't have it in our databases yet.
  • 4. We haven't noticed this domain rank in Google's paid search results for keywords from our databases.
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Please note that filters will be applied to exported data.
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