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head of pr AT SEMrushJana is Head of PR at SEMrush. Together with her team, she increased the brand awareness of SEMrush brand globally with curious facts and statistics all over the world. Crazy about data, even if she sleeps.
Fashion Data Study 2020

Exploding Fashion Trends 2020

Semrush has collected brand new data based on online Google searches in 2020 and compared this with the data from 2019 to explore the fashion trends during the pandemic lockdown and how they differ from the previous year. See what our latest research found.
May 15, 2020

The Most Popular TV Series in 2019

In this study, we are going to reveal the TV series that have been the most popular in 2019 and how interest in these TV series changed over time. We are also going to show you the scary shows people wanted to learn about the most and show you the best comedies too.
Dec 16, 2019

Insights and Educational Content – SEMrush Rolls Out First Global Conference

SEMrush LIVE delivered insights into the present and potential future of online marketing.The goal of our first global user conference was to create an exceptional offline experience for the attendees, where they could engage with our product, gain knowledge about the industry, enhance professional skills and expand their network. Learn about this event, and see why you can‘t miss the next one.
Jun 20, 2019

2019's Biggest Fashion e-Commerce Sites

The initial SEMrush study, published in WWD in September 2018, revealed that Macy’s has surged past both ASOS and H&M. SEMrush updated the study to showcase websites that got most traffic in March 2019 and found out that H&M is the most visited fashion e-commerce in the world, and is followed by Macy’s and Wildberries. Zaful turned out to be the 4th most visited website, and Trendyol is the 5th.
Jun 04, 2019
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