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Marianne Sweeny

Marianne Sweeny is VP of Internet Marketing for Strategic Edge Partners, a medical marketing agency. She is passionate about optimizing the user search experience on the Web or inside the enterprise firewall. Marianne’s most recent article for Semrush was entitled: "SEOs, Guns & Religion."
User Experience

User Experience: It’s Not What You Think

One of my favorite movies is “The Princess Bride.” I particularly like the running gag where Vizzini persistently misuses “inconceivable.” At one point, Inigo Montoya tells him: “You keep using that word. I do not think that you know what it means” just before Vizzini’s entirely conceivable death from poison. I know how Inigo feels every time an SEO talks about user experience.
Aug 26, 2015
Zipf’s Law of Least Effort and SEO
One Ring To Unite Us All

One Ring To Unite Us All

I was watching “The Lord of the Rings” on TV the other day and thought to myself, “We (the search community) could use that, one ring that would unite us all.” We could use a single approach that binds together a search community that is victimized by the fear, uncertainty and doubt perpetrated by the search engines with a UX community that fears technology more than bad color combinations.
Oct 08, 2013
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