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Marcela De Vivo has been an SEO since 1999, and is the President of Gryffin Media. Her last article for Semrush was "5 Ways Digital Marketers Can Rock their Strategy with SEMrush."
Guide to the Semrush Keyword Difficulty Tool

Your Guide to the Semrush Keyword Difficulty Tool

Any experienced digital marketer will tell you keyword research is at the foundation of everything: Choosing keywords for organic SEO, using keywords for content titles, choosing keywords for PPC campaigns, using keywords for persona and psychographic research, and much more. The current landscape for paid tools is limited in the types of data they provide, and almost always rely on Google AdWords data.
Oct 23, 2014
Gain Access to Keyword Data

Keyword: Provided. Three Ways To Gain Access to Keyword Data

Recently, Google announced they will be changing all searches to encrypted search within the next few months. Soon there will no longer be keyword data in Analytics packages. This change has left the online marketing industry stunned and devastated, as they flounder to understand how to recover from such a massive loss of data and, consequently, insights into their consumers and target audience.
Oct 15, 2013
Google Penalty Box

Five Steps To Getting Out of the Google Penalty Box

Has your website received a manual action in Google? Have you tried to submit a reconsideration request and failed? In this infographic created as a collaboration between Marcela De Vivo and Brian Dean, the process of going through the reconsideration process is outlined so you can understand how to get the manual action lifted with a successful reconsideration request.
Sep 11, 2013
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