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Amanda Clark

Amanda E. Clark is CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Grammar Chic, Inc. You can follow her company on Twitter.
Content Marketing and Fake News

Content Marketing and Fake News: Do Your Readers Trust You?

The notion of “fake news” has become dominant in our politics, and it’s no great surprise to see it shaping the content marketing world, too. Readers are becoming increasingly incredulous about the things they see and read on the Internet, and more vigilant to separate fact from fiction. On a civic level, this is probably a good thing. On a marketing level, it presents some challenges.
Mar 07, 2017
7 Ways To Make Your Website More Trustworthy
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Make Your Webinars More Memorable

How To Make Your Webinars More Memorable

Webinars allow business owners to develop authority, generate high-quality leads, and begin the process of educating those leads and helping nudge them down the sales funnel. This is an amazing list of benefits, but there’s something implicit in all of this: To obtain those benefits, your webinar actually has to be good.
Nov 09, 2016
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