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Sergio Aicardi is the owner of The Miami SEO Company and lives in sunny South Florida. He offers consulting to many marketing companies in Miami and business owners alike. His responsibilities include developing business relationships and optimizing internal processes to ensure the business is constantly growing, while constantly enhancing the quality of services rendered.
Long-tail keyword research guide

How To Choose the Right Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are actually a great way to reach a more targeted audience for less money and effort. Learn how they work and how to choose the right ones with these tips.
Jul 23, 2020
5 Common Mistakes Ecommerce Website Owners Make

5 Common Mistakes Ecommerce Website Owners Make & How To Prevent Them

Are you working on or planning to build an ecommerce website project? If so, there are a lot of nuances that come with building and marketing an ecommerce website that you should be aware of. In this blog post, I‘ll cover five common mistakes that ecommerce website owners make and how to prevent them. Taking the time to proactively prevent these simple mistakes can save a lot of time and energy.
Oct 04, 2019
How To: Marketing for Google’s Similar Items Feature

How To: Marketing for Google’s Similar Items Feature

Google’s new “similar items” feature has been unveiled and is gaining in popularity. It shows an effort on the search giant’s part to utilize machine learning to make their site more user-friendly. It appears they are taking a break from advancements in voice technology to further improve their photo capabilities, and no one is complaining.
Jun 15, 2017
How Ecommerce Brands Can Prepare for Artificial Intelligence
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