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Davy is the CEO and Founder of the Davy Network company, a network of several websites and online courses platforms for people to learn how to create, develop and monetize their business online through Internet Marketing. Davy helps entrepreneurs and brands develop their businesses online through internet marketing strategies and leading them to focus their time on key and effective strategies to get fast and perpetual results.
10 Sneaky Content Marketing Tricks for Beginners

10 Sneaky Content Marketing Tricks for Beginners

Be careful! This article is trapped. Once you start reading it, you‘ll be forced to finish it. Our brain is more responsive to specific types of articles more than others. I‘ll share ten tips to boost shares to make your content more interesting to your audience, boost its shares, and increase your content‘s reach. Here‘s why you absolutely need to tailor your content to your audience.
Nov 24, 2015
Is This the End of SEO

Is This the End of SEO?

In the last couple of years, it seems that Google is trying to prevent people from manually improving the SEO of their websites. You’re doing link exchange? Google reduces the relevance of that criterion. You are trying to write good guest posts to have some links? OK, but the links have to have the “nofollow” attribute. Forum links? Comments? Online press releases? Time is running out.
Jun 20, 2014
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