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Grace Stasky

Grace Stasky is the Social Media Director at She is constantly strategizing for upcoming campaigns, produces social media audits and manages all in-house and clients’ social media accounts. Grace is an avid reader, whether personal or for work. She graduated from Lock Haven University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Media.
Is Your Brand Being Killed by Bad Reviews

Is Your Brand Being Killed by Bad Reviews?

Each day, whether you notice it or not, you use various brands, services and companies. You wake up and brush your teeth. What brand of toothpaste did you use? Was it Crest, Colgate or a store brand? No matter which brand you selected, you chose it for a reason, which is usually because you trusted it. Yes, there are plenty of factors, such as price, quantity and much more. But the main reason is quality.
Nov 05, 2014
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