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Matthew Capala

founder AT AlphameticMatthew Capala is the founder of Alphametic, a data-driven search marketing agency with a portfolio of clients including L’Oreal, Shopkeep, Novartis, Lendio and Quest Diagnostics; publisher of Search Decoder; and author of award-winning international bestseller “SEO Like I’m 5.” He writes on The Next Web and Entrepreneur, and speaks on main stages at conferences such as Digital Summit, Social Media Week, and Internet Summit. His work and ideas have been featured on Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Mashable, Problogger, and Inc. He’s been invited to deliver his signature SEO workshops to some of the world’s largest brands in destinations ranging from a luxury retreat in Trinidad to a corporate summit in the Swiss Alps.
Why Marketers Should Pay Attention To Bing

5 Reasons Why Marketers Should Pay Attention To Bing

Don’t ignore Bing. Google may be the more prominent search engine, but internet users, particularly those in the United States, still turn to Bing. For many who use PC computers (unlike the author of this post who uses a Mac), Bing comes as the default search engine on their Windows computer’s default browser, Internet Explorer.
Sep 12, 2016
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