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Nick Garner

Nick Garner is founder of 90 Digital, a specialist agency for SEO in competitive verticals, digital PR and enterprise web development. Coincidentally, 90 Digital has a team of just over 90 people. His last article for Semrush was "Data Mining with SEMrush."
Be a Mini Data Scientist

More Ways To Be a Mini Data Scientist

How can you become a mini data scientist? I previously had a go at answering this question in another article I wrote for the Semrush blog, “How to be a Mini SEO Data Scientist.” In the end, the article was a bit underwhelming by my own standards; I dove into social media, and whether or not shares affected traffic. So, this time, I decided to start again. In this article, I will focus on SEO and data science.
May 21, 2015
Nick Garner Q&A: Data Mining with Semrush

Nick Garner Q&A: Data Mining with Semrush

This post will address additional questions from my recent Semrush webinar, Data Mining with Semrush: Unlocking Semrush for the Serious SEO‘er. As a refresher, the webinar was all about using data to answer big SEO questions.
Apr 06, 2015
How To Be a Mini SEO Data Scientist

How To Be a Mini SEO Data Scientist

If you want to be a mini SEO data scientist, it‘s a case of shifting your mindset from simply accepting what you‘re told to challenging assumptions based on rational thinking. Irrational thinking is accepting everything Google tells you without validating it. Most people never question why something is the way it is.
Apr 03, 2015
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