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Kaitlin McMichael

Kaitlin McMichael specializes in SEO and has a blog at Kate Ideas Marketing. She has been working in the digital marketing sphere since 2010, and has written on SEO, travel, music, and the arts for dozens of websites and magazines. Follow her on Twitter.
7 Common Hreflang Mistakes

7 Common Hreflang Mistakes (and How To Fix Them) + Bonus Tip

It is surprising how often I hear about international SEO discussed without any mention of “hreflang.” If anything, because hreflang is such a tricky subject, it should be discussed more often in conjunction with helping SEO specialists understand how to target international web audiences more accurately.
Dec 23, 2016
Right International SEO Site Structure

How To Choose the Right International SEO Site Structure

When your company is beginning to think about expanding your brand overseas, you’ll need to consider how to structure your website or websites in order to maximize your online presence overseas as well. One of the most important considerations when building new multilingual or multi-country websites is how to optimize your international website(s) for SEO.
May 12, 2015
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