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Bryant Garvin

partner and head of growth AT Chamber MediaBryant Garvin is a seasoned marketing and sales consultant with over 22 years under his belt. He has been focused on SEM and Online marketing for almost 14 years, (having got his start at Lycos), and worked in-house for companies like Choice Hotels and TopTenReviews. He was the OG advertiser in-house that helped grow the ad team and take Purple to $196 MM in sales in it's second year in business. Bryant took his years of experience and passion for video and is a Partner at Chamber Media, where they create Ancho Videos (like you loved from Purple) to help brands level up from being Product Sellers to Brand Builders. You can reach him at or on Twitter @BryantGarvin.
Why You Should Care About Google’s “Buy Now” Button

Why You Should Care About Google’s “Buy Now” Button

It’s long been rumored, and now it’s coming true: Google is officially adding a “Buy Now” button to its search results pages. That means customers won’t even have to leave their search results page to make a purchase anymore — which is good news for compulsive shoppers, but not-so-good news for retail competitors like Amazon.
Jul 23, 2015
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