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Clayton Coomer

Clay Coomer is the Digital Marketing Analyst at Seven Corners, Inc. based in Carmel, Ind. Previous to being an analyst, Clay helped build and grow marketing departments for small businesses all across the U.S. He’s also a husband and father of two (soon-to-be three) so, needless to say, he’s busy. Find Clay on LinkedIn: Clay Coomer or Twitter: @ClayCoomer.
5 Steps To Create a Smarter Sales Team Using Semrush

5 Steps To Create a Smarter Sales Team Using Semrush

First and foremost, let me state on the record that Semrush is not paying me to write this. As a contributor to their amazing and informative blog and active user of the product for over a year now, I’ve become an advocate. Here’s my story about how I’ve helped create a smarter sales team at my company by empowering them with [digital] knowledge and understanding.
Oct 15, 2015

5 Google Analytics Reports To Help Build Your Buyer Personas

“Catch a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Drops mic. There’s nothing like feeling empowered, is there? What if I told you if you read this post in its entirety, you will learn something that will be instrumental in constructing every marketing campaign you help create? Please allow me to pick back up the mic and step on my soapbox.
Aug 11, 2015
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