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Jaydip Parikh

ceo AT Tej SolPro Digital Pvt. Ltd.Jaydip Parikh, the Chief Everything Officer of Tej SolPro and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast, has been a known face in the fields of IT and Marketing. He is widely known as "Jaydip BABA”. He has more than 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience.
Internet Users in India

Internet Users in India - A Fresh Audience for Brands and How to Reach Them

Technology has slowly but steadily taken over our lives – so much so that almost half of the households in India now have a smartphone. India is a country with a population of 1.267 billion with 375 million active monthly Internet users.The other day I was scrolling through the Facebook page of Kunal Shah, founder and CEO of FreeCharge, when I came across a few eye-opening statistics.
Feb 25, 2016