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Ron Dod

Ronald Dod is a partner and CEO of Visiture, LLC. After founding Grey Umbrella Marketing, an internet marketing agency which focuses on Search Engine Optimization for e-commerce businesses, he merged with Visiture to create a full service search marketing offering for eCommerce businesses. His passion is helping eCommerce business owners and marketing professionals navigate the search marketing landscape and use data to make more effective decisions to drive new traffic and conversions.
SEO Agency's Advanced Tips

SEO Agency's Advanced Tips for Reporting SEO to Clients

The main reason for this lack of understanding is that vendors don’t set clear expectations, and they don’t educate the client. They also tend to not report what is happening and don’t explain to the client how their services are helping them. If you don’t have solid reporting, then from your client’s perspective you aren’t doing very good SEO work.
Apr 13, 2017
How To Look at SEO as a Digital Marketer

How To Look at SEO as a Digital Marketer

Today, SEO is a mix of keyword strategy, UX, and content creation/promotion. Whoever has the basic technical SEO tactics down with a good user experience will generally win in SEO. Throw in some great content and promotion to get links, and you have a killer SEO strategy!
Feb 28, 2017
Effective In-House SEO Team
7 Elements of the Perfect Backlink

7 Elements of the Perfect Backlink

Backlinks are one of the main challenges of SEO. Google said backlinks are one of the top three factors in Google search is that of backlinks. However, getting them is very difficult. Gone are the days of free sites, link building or even just “getting links.
Sep 09, 2016
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