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Randy Antin

Randy Antin is VP of marketing for Jumpshot, a marketing analytics solution that provides behavioral trend insights of its 100 million-user panel by analyzing their clickstream activity. He has previously held roles at numerous startups and more established companies, including The Gap Inc. and Travelocity. His digital marketing experience includes everything from search to affiliates to structured feeds to retargeting. He has been attracted to big data and behavioral trends ever since he came in seventh place in a fantasy baseball league 15 years ago. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
Hidden, Game-Changing AdWords Features

Hidden, Game-Changing AdWords Features Part 3: Auction Insights

The Auction Insights feature on AdWords provides a list of the display URL domains of advertisers in direct competition with you. It allows you to not only identify your biggest competitors, but also to see how your own advertising efforts compare to theirs.
Sep 08, 2016