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Courtney Capellan

freelance seo content writer Courtney Capellan is a “technically creative” freelance content writer and digital analyst. She has a B.A. from the University of Washington in international studies, foreign policy and diplomacy. Her specialties include digital marketing, hospitality management and teaching yoga in San Diego, where she currently lives.
Google’s RankBrain Algorithm

An In-Depth Look Into Google’s RankBrain Algorithm

Google has done it again. The Internet giant has introduced a new algorithm known as RankBrain that determines search results. RankBrain is an artificial technology that enables Google to process and sort through its search results in unprecedented ways. Anyone who‘s serious about their search results will need to know the following.
Feb 18, 2016
SEO Client Retention

SEO Client Retention: Going From Expendable to Essential

Business owners are always watching their bottom line, searching for ways to cut costs, and re-evaluating expenses at the end of the fiscal year. They’re often tempted to cut digital marketing services such as SEO, seeing that price tag as an extra expense or something that can be handled in house. Many small SEO firms work with clients for only a few months before moving on to other accounts.
Oct 07, 2015
Content Creation vs. Content Curation

Content Creation vs. Content Curation

Content is the engine that drives your website. From high traffic news sites and blogs to e-commerce product reviews and descriptions, the need to produce insightful, entertaining information is as great as the demand to access it. Everyone knows that delivering content is key for online success, but coming up with and managing content takes time and effort.
Aug 10, 2015