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What's New in SEMrush [August 2019]

We at SEMrush are obsessed with constantly tuning our tools and improving the user experience. Dive into this article to stay on top of SEMrush product updates we rolled out in August. The vast majority of them are available within your account at no extra cost! You‘ll learn how to use these new tools and features to improve your marketing campaigns.
Sep 02, 2019

SEMrush Getting Started Guide

When you‘re new to a software, there‘s a lot to take in. To start off on the right foot, let’s begin with the basics. We’ll show you around our world, so you can start harnessing 100% of SEMrush power.
Oct 12, 2018
Semrush Ranking Factors Study 2017

Semrush Ranking Factors Study 2017: Methodology Demystified

Direct website visits are usually assumed to be the result of higher SERP positions, not vice versa. And yet site visits is exactly what our study named the most important Google ranking factor among those we analyzed. Moreover, we traded correlation analysis for the Random Forest algorithm.
Nov 15, 2017
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