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Sudeep Banerjee

ceo AT B3NET Inc.For more than 29 years, Sudeep Banerjee, Founder & CEO of B3NET Inc., a Digital Marketing Company based out of Orange County, California, is deeply involved as an innovator, visionary, and a strategist. He exhibits a compelling blend of creativity with technology which energizes to winning solutions for clients and partners. Sudeep’s expertise in Digital World spans from Strategies, Planning, & Development, to Audience Segmentation & Opportunity scouting, to Customer & Competitor Behavioral Research, to Customer Sentiments & Social behaviors, and ultimately to final purchase Conversions. In addition to this, he has demonstrated an array of successful mobile application creation to deployment. B3NET Inc. is a leading national Digital Marketing Agency. Sudeep has been helping a number of clients and business owners in developing and executing digital solutions. B3NET Inc. offers highly targeted B2C and B2B solutions. For more info, please visit
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