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Katie Cunningham

seo manager AT Seer InteractiveKatie leads SEO strategy for a range of B2B and e-commerce clients at Seer. Using her expertise in Excel and passion for numbers, Katie manages a variety of B2B, E-Commerce, and Healthcare clients.
The SEO Marketing Guide for Events

The SEO Marketing Guide for Events

Don‘t plan your next event without proper SEO research and preparation. Learn how to organize your event page, find potential outreach sources, and track success. This guide offers a variety of strategies, resources, examples and a Google Sheets template that can be used to keep your organized.
Dec 18, 2017

5 Advanced Tips to Ramp Up Your Local SEO Reporting

Local SEO can be some of the most effective marketing for small businesses, but are you measuring it as well as you should be? Use these 5 simple tips to set up complete reporting to identify how your strategies are performing organically.
Sep 07, 2017

How to Measure the Impact of Your Site Migration 

Site migrations require multiple stakeholders and intense processes. In the end, measuring success is sometimes forgotten or thought about retroactively. Don‘t fall into this trap. Use SEMrush to set up your site migration for SEO success and provide easy-to-pull wrap up reports to key stakeholders to prove your value.
Jun 30, 2017
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