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Kelechi Ibe

digital campaign specialist AT Cox Media GroupKelechi is a Digital Campaign Specialist at Cox Media Group where he acts as a digital project manager and coordinator between Account Executives and the Central Ad Operations team. He is also a digital product expert for clients and the entire Cox Media Group sales team in San Antonio TX. Aside from his background in SEO & information retrieval, he possesses a strong background in competitive analysis, website traffic analytics, text & sentiment analysis, data storytelling, data visualization and data analysis using business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI and Google Data Studio. Prior to Cox Media Group, he held position as the Digital Marketing Specialist at Stirista where he brought his 7 years experience in creating, optimizing, managing, and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Email.
The Ultimate Guide to Google's Custom Intent Audiences

The Ultimate Guide to Google's Custom Intent Audiences

What are Custom Intent Audiences? In a nutshell, “custom intent audiences“ is a Google product that allows marketers target people currently researching certain topics, products, and solutions on the web, using display or YouTube video ad campaigns. Find out how you can use custom intent audiences in this detailed guide.
Jun 21, 2019