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Arya Bina

founder and ceo AT Kobe DigitalArya Bina is Founder & CEO of Kobe Digital, a leading Los Angeles based digital marketing agency with a clear focus on ROI centric and data-driven digital marketing practices. He has over 9 years of digital marketing experience, and has exemplified a profound amount of thought leadership in the space in a short span of time. He was named as "Most powerful Person in Tech" in 2014 by Business Insider.
Useful Tips to Utilize Pandora Ads

Three Super Useful Tips to Utilize Pandora Ads and Grow Your Business

Pandora presents the perfect opportunity for your company’s message to be heard by the audiences that matter most. With the average user spending four hours per day on the platform, brand marketing through online radio has now become a compelling channel for businesses connect with their target audiences—without the intrusiveness inherent in other advertising platforms.
Jul 12, 2018